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Toastmasters and Leadership

The Best Combination Since Spaghetti and Meatballs! Toastmasters is usually thought of as a great place to improve communication skills. It is not nearly as well known that Toastmasters is also a great place to improve leadership skills. In fact, leadership is half of...

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The Brilliance of The Toast

Being succinct is a rare skill. When trying to explain something abstract, people usually end up rambling or getting so technical that they’ve lost their ability to make a point. This can make your audience lose focus, which is what you don’t want if you’re trying to...

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What THIS Moment Could Be

Stop. What are you doing right now? What are you thinking about? Are you thinking about something boring? Maybe contemplating getting another cup of coffee as you lug through the work day? Or maybe you're thinking about the painting that you just can't wait to finish,...

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The Oldest Trick In The Book!

We have all heard the saying... Practice makes perfect. While it may be cliché, the fact that it is so widespread is an indication that there's probably something to it. Wayne Gretzky didn't become "The Great One" by accident. He spent hundreds of hours practicing...

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Preparing For A Contest

With the Toastmasters contest season kicking into gear, many people are beginning to feel the nerves that often come with competing. Contests give you a great opportunity to try new speaking techniques, practice speaking for different audiences, and meet new people!...

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Why Taking on Your Fears Is A Good Thing

Everyone has something that they are scared of or intimidated by. What really differentiates people is how they react to these things. Our greatest leaders and most influential visionaries are rarely those who shy away when they become uncomfortable. Fear doesn’t have...

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[VIDEO] Feel More Confident – In Two Minutes!

There's a reason that the most common fear is public speaking. It can be incredibly overwhelming to present to a group of people. The good news?  It doesn't have to be. You can trick yourself into feeling more confident in just a few minutes! It's not just a mental...

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Presenting A Wedding Toast

Many of you may have seen one of our very own members, Harry Kingston, on CTV this morning where he expertly explained how you can master a wedding toast! Here are a few more tips on mastering a wedding toast, from Harry himself! Presenting A Toast: What are some of...

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